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Over the next several months the Market Street TOD project team will be analyzing the transportation needs and development potential of areas along Market Street and formulating recommendations for transportation and zoning changes. The plan will consider changes to traffic patterns and speed limits, adding sidewalks and crosswalks, changing bus routes and improving bus stops. The plan may recommend changes to land use and zoning, and working with property owners and developers along the corridor to create new, transit-oriented projects that will expand housing, retail and workplace options.

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The plan needs your input. Whether you live or work, shop or dine, walk or drive in and around Market Street, Downtown Youngstown or YSU, your opinions and ideas are important. How could transportation in and around these areas be improved? What do you like, and dislike, in the corridor today? What kind of development does the corridor, and the Youngstown area, need in the 21st Century? The answers to these and other questions will help guide the project team and decision makers as they formulate the plan to guide Market Street’s future.

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In many areas, zoning that strictly separates residential, office, retail and public services makes TOD impossible. The project team is reviewing land use and zoning at the micro level in station areas to determine zoning changes that would allow housing, office and retail space within the same area, or even the same building. Reducing minimum parking space requirements for buildings near transit stops is another way to make new development more affordable for property owners while promoting transit use.

There are many distinct areas along Market Street, each with its own opportunities and challenges. The study team will develop different approaches based on the needs of each area and the interests and desires of the people who live, work, and visit them.

The TOD study team will hold a variety of public meetings, corridor tours, and other events to gather input from the public at locations throughout the corridor.

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